Daniel, The Walking Encyclopedia

Daniel is the living embodiment of a walking encyclopedia when it comes to IT and Odoo. With decades of experience under his belt, he stands as a beacon of knowledge for our team. His wealth of expertise extends not only across various IT domains but also in Odoo development, making him a vital asset. 

Fateh, The Master Chef

Fateh is dedicated to perfecting the recipes of both his dishes and projects. He specializes in ERP implementations and change management while optimizing business processes and fostering organizational growth through his 17+ years' experience and a long list of Odoo certifications. But, we think love is his secret ingredient.

Yash, The Techie

With six years of hands-on experience in Odoo and his certification as an Odoo expert, Yash brings invaluable knowledge to OERP. He helps in enhancing development processes, ensuring that the software solution is industry standard, ensuring that we are on the loop on all the latest tech news.

Rabie, The Finance Foodie

Rabie is an Odoo Certified Functional Consultant with multiple years of experience in Odoo ERP implementation, coupled with a Master's degree in Finance, a CMA certification, and decades of financial expertise. He brings a lot to the table and maybe that’s why he is always curious about what's on the table.

Lucas, The Mixologist

Lucas is always ready to try new things, whether it's a new cocktail recipe or a new Odoo module. He has been working with Odoo for 3 years, and is an expert in network and server administration, as well as deployment. He ensures that our Odoo solutions are secure, reliable, and scalable. He is always ready to shake things up and bring new flavors to the team.

Hetal, The Last One to Go

Hetal is known in the office as the last one to go, but that’s to show her drive to finish her tasks. With 7 years in Odoo development, she assists in enhancing business processes, customizing modules, and delivering scalable solutions. Experienced in resolving customer tickets and adept at handling urgent tasks effectively.

Mariana, The Fashionista

You can trust Mariana to know the latest brands, just as much as she knows the latest features of Odoo. She has years of Odoo experience under her belt, mastering modules like Payroll and HR. She also has an extensive background in Finance & Accounting.

Macx, The Adventurer

Previously with Odoo APAC, Macx moved to Toronto and joined the team in 2022. This alone showed us his passion to explore and bring new ideas. He brings to the team his fresh insights on the Sales process. As an Odoo Certified consultant, he assists in manifesting projects based on the requirements and workflows.

Daryl, The Gym Rat

Daryl brings the same level of discipline and dedication to the gym as he does to OERP. He has been our go-to guy when it comes to configuring and setting-up hardware for Odoo. Bringing three years of hands-on Odoo experience as a certified Odoo expert, he continues to contribute on development tasks and processes.

Zarrin, The Audit Master

Zarrin has established herself as the master for all matters pertaining to auditing. With a wealth of experience, she is familiar with the intricacies of financial auditing. Her comprehensive understanding of auditing principles, coupled with her meticulous attention to detail, enables her to navigate complex financial landscapes with ease and precision. 

Foram, The Bookworm

Foram deeply enjoys reading books about philosophy and biographies. This shows because although she tends to be succinct in her communication, her insights carry significant weight. Over the past four years, she has dedicated herself to enhancing Odoo across diverse projects, consistently delivering impactful results.

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