Odoo Application Suite

Integrated, Complete, Easy to Use

Financial Apps

Transactions, invoices, expense and more!


Supports multiple currencies, multiple companies, timesheet integration, expenses, etc.


Quick, sleek invoices, created automatically. Ready for online payment or mailing.

Operations Apps

Stay ahead of both daily and long term necessities.


Communicate in real time with multiple view options across devices, and forecast needs and costs.


Send and receive products using a scanner. Connect with shipping to print labels, and to send and track parcels.


Request quotations, control products and invoices, get price lists and manage multiple companies.


Schedule procurement orders based on rules, organize manufacturing orders and work orders, and more!

Sales Apps

Taking you from first hello to final signature.


Manage and customize your entire pipeline all in one place with messages, tasks and advanced analytic reports.


From proposal to eSignature, quotations are made fast and accurate by connecting to your price lists in Odoo.

Point of Sale

A user-friendly interface helps you keep track of customers, split bills and manage inventory on any device.


Supports all of your digital needs.


Build your own website with drag and drop tools, use beautiful themes, and enjoy A/B testing and SEO tools.


Sell products online, share them on social media, calculate shipping automatically and connect with accounting.


Boost your content marketing, retain your audience on all platforms and even sign them up to your newsletter. 


Odoo handles recurring sales and subscriptions with clear contracts and automated invoices.


Get electronic signatures on contracts and responses from multiple parties integrated into one document.


Record contact details and meetings, and review past business interactions with your clients - it's a breeze!


Host presentations for clients, public visitors and internal employees.


Answer questions and hold discussions with current and potential clients, all on your own site.

Live Chat

Provide your website visitors with information in real time, and even create channels for specific target audiences.

Human Resources Apps

Put both people and management first.


Create employee profiles, track time and attendance, boost engagement and plan for leaves.


Manage your fleet, monitor costs, create quick reports, manage leases and more.


Track on mobile, track during or after work and even track time while offline with automatic synchronization.

Marketing Apps

In person, by mail, you name it! 

Mass Mailing

Create targeted and specific mass mailing campaigns to promote your products with e-mails that look great.


Sell tickets online, increase visibility and get sponsors to come to you.

AdWords Optimizer

Get 40% more from your AdWords budget within 75 days.


Mange your hiring process, set up and promote job listings, and enjoy automatic data indexing.


Schedule evaluations, use different evaluation types and create reports based on custom metrics.


Grant or deny leave approvals, get automatic scheduling updates, and plan based for productivity.


Create evaluations, marketing campaign and satisfaction surveys, among others. Data is synchronized automatically.

Marketing Automation

Communicate the right messages to the right segments, plan sales actions, set automated triggers and get reports.

Productivity Apps

Communicate and organize with ease.


Make personal to-do lists, manage tasks and projects, get creative and stay organized - all in one place.


Communicate with employees at all levels, on all apps, with personalized notifications and multiple channels.

Business Intelligence

With statistics about your data filtered any way you need, and reports with one click, see the big picture instantly.


Enterprise and Community Editions:
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