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Creative Emergy Inc.
Creative Emergy Inc. Other Services
Creative Emergy designs and implements digitization strategies for several organizations. We assisted Creative Emergy to implement a hosting solution on Odoo’s cloud. We created custom modules to fit their needs and assisted with training to accustom staff to Odoo software. Additionally, we offer ongoing comprehensive technical support, including bug fixes, system monitoring, and updates.
GFV Financial
GFV Financial Other Services
Gordon Frederick Vance Financial Inc. is a hospitality company that specializes in restaurant bookkeeping and business intelligence. GFV has been able to effectively manage bills through the use of Odoo’s bill digitization feature in which uploads scanned PDF files to vendor bills, and enables odoo to automate their creativity with artificial intelligence.
New Reach Services, Inc.
New Reach Services, Inc. Other Services
New Reach Consulting is specialized in digital distribution supply chain subject matter expertise, talent recruiting, custom software development.
OERP Canada
OERP Canada Other Services
We practice what we preach- Odoo is an integral part of our daily workflow. We’ve implemented hosting through our OERP cloud. We migrated data from previous software into Odoo. We continually analyze our business to pinpoint areas of improvement. We created custom modules, and additional security and data privacy measures.
RO-EL Solutions
RO-EL Solutions Other Services
RO-EL designs and creates custom promotional products across various materials. We carefully analyzed RO-EL's to pinpoint areas of improvement and provide custom solutions. We helped to mitigate areas of implementation that were previously under-serviced. We implemented a hosting solution through Odoo’s cloud. Additionally, we integrated custom modules and performed data migration from previous software into Odoo. Furthermore, we provided training and offered ongoing comprehensive technical support, and managed operations for multiple companies.
The Tax Savers
The Tax Savers Other Services
The Tax Savers is a full-service accounting firm licensed in Canada.