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October 2, 2015 by
OERP Canada, Liana Baciu

Say Hello to Odoo 9!

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Odoo is now easier to use, with a seamless user interface, and many great apps and features. From mailing to mobile, discussions to POS, Odoo now offers more apps that can easily be installed through the Odoo app store.

And A New Orientation

With an increased focus on providing new features, Odoo's current direction allows for even more variety in the way you can customize this ERP to your needs. Partners, like OERP, are increasingly coming to the front as a pillar of implementation, services and support.

Read on to find out about new features, licensing and editions.

New Features 

Apps and Interface


  • A cleaner, more user-friendly interface.

  • Custom and default filters to display the information you need quickly on dashboards.

  • Fewer input fields, but a more customizable experience.


  • Fully available on mobile, preserving the same functionality and streamlined interface.

  • Timsheets are available on mobile with offline accessibility and recording.


  • Recurring billing and subscription management is now all in one place.

  • Enjoy automation of invoices for subscriptions.

  • Dashboard to track subscription revenues and see projections.


  • Send invoices by post using 3rd party mail service, DocsAway.

  • Odoo is synchronized with the online interfaces of 24000 banks and supports all bank import formats.

  • A new smart-reconciliation process.


  • 'Perpetual closing' format helps you see your company's financial status more clearly.

  • Intercompany rules.

  • Multiple revenue recognition options.


  • Time tracking now available both on Chrome and through independent mobile app.

  • Day planner where you can plan your tasks ahead of time.

  • Directly invoice timesheets to clients and see which projects are most profitable.


  • Expenses

    • Attachments are now available in order to show proof of spending.

    • Ability to analyze entries by team, by client contract or type of expense.

  • Appraisals

    • Customize a survey relevant for each job position and get your employees' feedback.

    • Track upcoming appraisal and get automatic follow-up reminders.


  • Prepare and send electronic version of contracts and sales quotations by either e-mail or as a URL.

  • The recipients just need to fill in the required fields online with text or his/her digital signature.

  • Multiple responses can be merged into one main document.

  • Reuse document templates for faster turn-around.


  • Host videos, slides and presentations.

  • Store everything on your own website and increase opportunities for content marketing.

  • Share and manage your entire library from a single place.

  POS Restaurant

  • Works on your touch screen, smartphone or tablet.

  • Send the meal and drink orders directly to the kitchen and bar, and they’ll get a ticket printed on their local printers.

  • Multi POS in one restaurant.

  • Split bills for a single table.

  Warehouse Management Services

  • Everything in one single interface: just scan the goods and confirm their reception/shipping by using the scanner.

  • Shipper integration with Temando, DHL, USPS, UPS and Fedex.

  • Odoo generates the shipping label from your shipper with all the necessary information.

  • You can trace your sent packages from Odoo.


  • Set up your Amazon or Ebay account with Odoo and just check a box to automatically post your product on your Amazon or Ebay account.

  • Print UPS, USPS, Temando or Fedex labels from Odoo.

  • Get track & trace information for parcels in Odoo.

  • Automatically generated invoices and the journal entries for you based on Amazon or Ebay transactions.

  • Sell digital products by attaching them directly to the product entry in Odoo.


  • Collaborate with your colleagues through Odoo without overloading your Odoo Inbox.

  • All the discussions on a single interface.

  • Mention people in the conversation to get their attention.

  • Create channels or private groups to discuss important topics.

  • Connect documents and actions with specific channels so that next steps can be discussed.

Editions and Licensing

Enterprise, Community, AGPL, LGPL

Odoo 9 is released in two editions:

The Community Edition is released under the open source license LGPL v3, and contains major improvements on most of the core applications.

The Enterprise Edition is an extension of Odoo Community. It is a full featured edition: a mobile version, dynamic reports in the accounting app, project forecasts, integration with shipping services, eBay and Amazon connectors, and more.

To find out more about Odoo licensing, click here.

Odoo 9 Enterprise edition is only available through official partners like OERP and a customer Odoo Enterprise contract.

Compare Features Between Editions:

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OERP Canada, Liana Baciu October 2, 2015
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