DataLogic Magellan Scale in Odoo

Improve your checkout experience with Odoo
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DataLogic Magellan Scale in Odoo
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Have you faced limitations with the hardware natively supported by Odoo? 

Many customers encounter challenges with their existing hardware, particularly when choosing an ERP to implement. This is especially true for any operations involving point-of-sale (POS), such as barcode scanners, payment terminals and scales. For instance, Odoo POS only natively supports Mettler Toledo Ariva scale, which can be a make-or-break situation for any POS stores that aren’t using this specific scale.

Another widely known POS scale is the Datalogic's Magellan series. Models like the 9800i and 9300i offer dual functionality, combining barcode scanning for accurate pricing and inventory management with precise weighing for fresh produce, bulk items, and more.

How can I use the Magellan Scales with Odoo?

You can achieve this through an IoT integration with your Magellan Scale. Our recent upgrade introduces a new driver for Odoo POS, enabling real-time weight readings and continuous barcode scanning.

Our solution seamlessly integrates these scales with Odoo, revolutionizing the checkout process to ensure precision and speed for every transaction.

DataLogic 9800i/9300i Scale Integration Module

Our module ensures the electronic scale communicates smoothly with the POS system via the IoT Box. Here is what our module offers:

  1. Real-Time Weight Readings: The integration provides instant weight for products on the scale, enhancing checkout accuracy.
  2. Continuous Barcode Readings: By optimizing the Serial Base Driver and Serial Scale Driver within the integration, we enable continuous barcode scanning, making grocery scanning more efficient.

These advantages offer a remarkable enhancement to your checkout process. It's not just about compatibility - it's about transforming your Odoo POS system to deliver a flawless, efficient experience for you and your customers.

How OERP Can Help?

We can help you navigate the intricacies of connectivity, deployment, and configuration of the IoT box, whether it is hardware or software.

What you will need:

  1. Odoo with POS configured
  2. IoT Box (Hardware or Software)
  3. Magellan Scale and the hardware driver (possibly a dongle) 

Typical setup steps:

  1. Complete Basic Hardware Setup:
  2. Enhance IoT Box Reliability:
    • Apply additional steps to increase the reliability of the IoT box.
  3. Connect the Scale:
    • Depending on the included cabling, an additional dongle might be required.
  4. Verify Scale Recognition:
    • Ensure the scale is recognized by the IoT box by checking the device list in the IoT console.

  5. Confirm Device Awareness in Odoo:
    • Verify that Odoo recognizes the scale and barcode reader, as shown in the provided screenshot.

      Or in the device list:

  6. POS Configuration:
    • Proceed with POS configuration once the Magellan scale and barcode reader are visible in Odoo.

  7. Configure the Scale:
    • Use the barcodes in the user manual to set various settings such as interface type, check characters, beeping after weighing, barcode scanning, remote display, etc.

Ready to implement these features? 

We are happy to do all these steps for you or provide guidance if you prefer a more hands-on experience.

Our team of experienced IT professionals is dedicated to the digital transformation of all your business processes. Our number one priority is helping small and medium businesses lower their costs while maximizing their efficiency.

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DataLogic Magellan Scale in Odoo
OERP Canada, Macx Camarillo May 30, 2024
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