Check Printing for Canada

MICR-Encoded Payment Technology
October 11, 2018 by
Check Printing for Canada
OERP Canada, Dan Iacobescu

Overview of cheque printing in Canada

Though the use of cheques (or checks for our American cousins) has been diminishing in recent years, they remain a staple in many organizations' daily activities. As they represent an agreement of payment between two parties, it has been recognized as important that their makeup be governed in a standardized fashion.   

In Canada, the Canadian Payments Association (CPA) has created a standard that includes specifications that every cheque needs to follow in order to be considered legitimate. This standard assists in ensuring the safe, efficient, and effective clearing and settlement of payments. These standards also work to combat cheque fraud!

The following are some examples of the granular level of detail these specifications reach.

1. Font size specifications:

Specifications for font size on cheques

2. Scaling for business cheques:

Scaling for business cheques

We here at OERP looked at the standards as defined by the Canadian Payment Association and adjusted Odoo to meet compliance expectations. Our contribution to the Canadian localization code can be found in the Accounting module and is part of the standard distribution of Odoo, beginning with Version 13.  Specifically, this is in reference to the l10n_ca_check_printing module.

Integrated OERP module

You can find the configuration here in the Accounting Settings:

Settings found in Odoo

This also ties to improvements we developed pertaining to MICR technology,  check out our other blog regarding that here.

As always, we strive to improve Odoo for our Canadian clients. Feel free to contact us to find out how Odoo can be used to better your business needs.

Thanks for reading and have a beautiful day!

- OERP Team

Check Printing for Canada
OERP Canada, Dan Iacobescu October 11, 2018
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