Training Resources and Custom Training

                                                      Custom Training

                                                      An integral part of making your Odoo implementation a success is assuring that the people using the software for their daily work can get the most out of the tool. As we undertake our analysis efforts, we will get to know the employees who will be working with the software, and how they get things done 'right'. This understanding will lead to shorter training time by targeting knowledge sharing specifically to their tasks and domain of use.

                                                      If you would like a general, basic understanding of applications, please look below for documents and presentations that will help you learn how to use Odoo.

                                                      Training Resources

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                                                      Odoo 9 Free Resources

                                                      Where to find free Odoo training resources

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                                                      How to get the most out of Odoo

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                                                      Videos and Documents

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                                                      Highlights of different Odoo applications

                                                      Odoo 9 Changes

                                                      What's new with Odoo 9.

                                                      Odoo 9 Training Videos

                                                      A series of practical videos for CRM and other Odoo applications.