OERP Support Contract

OERP provides comprehensive, on-going system support for core Odoo apps and any custom written modules. Maintenance for smaller organizations is purchased in blocks of 10 hours and by negotiation for larger organizations.

Hourly database backups every hour in the last 24h, daily for last week, weekly for last month and monthly for last 6 months. Encrypted backups are replicated to at least 2 different storage devices in different data centres. You also have the ability to download your data as a zip file anytime using the control panel in Odoo.

We offer 256 bit SSL encryption using a self signed certificate, 2048 bit; or we can install your own certificate.  

We will also provide system monitoring and security updates.

Odoo Enterprise Contract

The contract provides you with:

  • Access to Odoo Enterprise Edition Modules (starting with version 9.0).

  • Unlimited Bug Support for Official Odoo Modules.

  • Unlimited Functional Support through email using

  • Direct contact with Odoo for functional support without having to go through integrating partner or internal IT department.

  • Complementary to partner support.

  • Upgrade of Official Odoo Modules and customer database to newer versions of Odoo.

  • Access to an account manager at Odoo for direct support.

  • A Security Alert Service

  • Private use of non certified modules. (AGPLv3 clause)


Our SLA includes 99.9% uptime, 24x7 hardware support, 24h RPO, 8h RTO (business hours). For our medium business and enterprise customers we can offer customized RPO and RTO if requested.