OERP Custom Development 

We Make The Product Right For You

Although there are thousands of modules available to complement the 30 core applications, adjustment or entirely fresh development is often necessary in order to create the most value for your implementation of Odoo. 

Simple vs Complex Implementations

Out of the Box

  • With Odoo, many features are immediately available and easy to use out of the box.

  • For a simple implementation, it's a matter of quickly showing you what you need to do in order to complete your usual tasks in a matter of days.

Complex Configurations and Additions

  • When custom components are added or new development is undertaken to make things just right, we will also have to take the time to explain the extra features and to customize settings.

  • We will ensure that, no matter the size of the job, everything works according to plan and that your staff know how to use the tool effectively.

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