On Premise vs Hosted by Us

OERP Canada specializes in implementing and hosting of the Odoo Suite of Business Applications. We offer two types of hosting: cloud-based and on premise.

On Cloud Hosting

Our cloud hosting solution give you the following advantages:

  • Get Odoo Apps up and running faster.

  • Manage the software more easily.

  • Quickly add new users to meet fluctuating business demand.

  • Requires less maintenance.

  • Offers total flexibility to enable custom modules to be installed.

  • All you need is your browser.

Other important features include:

  • Redundant network connectivity

  • Redundant power

  • Secure data centre (PCI DSS)

On Premise Hosting

We will work with your IT department to:

  • Install and configure 3 server instances (Production, Testing and Training).

  • Server instances can be on physical or virtual hardware.

  • Assist with network configuration.

 We include the installation and configuration of various scripts on the servers:

  • Scripts to backup the production server hourly/daily/weekly/monthly.

  • Scripts to push the encrypted backup to cloud.

  • If you have your own local storage, we can integrate with it.

Once we know where to host, we do...