Canadian Modules, Advice and Development

Together, we will discuss a list of applications and modules that will combine to meet your specific business needs based on our analysis, desired improvements and Canadian specific standards.

 Canadian localization and other Canadian specific modules available:

  • Perform accounting powerfully and in compliance with Canadian standards.

    • Chart of Accounts for English-speaking provinces.

    • Plan comptable pour les provinces francophones.

    • Fiscal positions, Tax Codes and Taxes.

    • Download currency rates daily from the Bank of Canada.

    • Check-writing capability.

    • Import and reconciliation for Canadian Banks (QFX, QBO) and PayPal (CSV).

By replacing more than one legacy system or application and by reducing switch-over time and doubled work, we will increase your productivity and save you time!

Since Odoo is comprehensive, removing the need for several application licenses, we will also reduce your costs.

Lastly, we will also add our custom development touch to whatever features need some additions or changes.